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Fish Oil And Its Innumerable Benefits: From Athletes To Expecting Mothers

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The oil procured from the tissues of fish is known as fish oil. Fish oils reportedly contain Omega-3 fatty acids that have been found to lessen inflammation in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be made by the human body and hence must be obtained via diet or supplementation. The DHA and EPA that fish oil contains are of great interest to researchers and nutritionists because of their potential health benefits. Let us take a look at some of the research-sugested claims that have been made regarding the benefits of fish oil:

How is it being used?

  • Research suggests that fish oil can be used to potentially minimize the chances of developing postpartum depression. A study conducted in 2011 by Dr. Michelle Price Judge of the University of Connecticut School Of Nursing showed that consuming acceptable amounts of DHA during pregnancy can significantly reduce symptoms of postpartum depression.



  • American Journal Of Physiology had published a study that revealed how fish oil supplements taken over a period of 30 days lead to lesser mental stress in terms of cardiovascular health than those who did not take them.


  • Fish oil supplements are great performance-enhancers for athletes. They promote muscle growth, improve performance and endurance and help in faster recovery.


How to choose the best fish oil supplement?


Fish oil supplements can vary from one brand to another. It is very important to be able to read and understand the label of ingredients in order to choose an effective supplementation. Here are a few pointers that must be remembered while buying one:


  • The amount of total Omega-3 DHA and EPA contained in the supplement is the first thing to look for, this will help in improving recovery and reducing inflammation.
  • The higher the percentage of EPA and DHA in the supplement, the more efficient it will be.
  • The EPA and DHA should be contained in the form of triglycerides that have been proven by research to be 50% more bio-available than other ingredients.
  • The fish oil must come from wild caught fish in order to ensure clean quality
  • The product should be produced in small batches so as to make sure the supplement does not stay on the shelves for a long time and go bad.