1. Who is CRI Naturals?

CRI Naturals is a division of Cellular Research Institute, a collaboration of researchers from Universities, Labs, and Research Centers within the United States. The mission of CRI is to drive scientific leadership towards public transparency through study, analysis and review, in order to provide accurate information about research, medicine and the environment.

CRI Naturals biologists and nutrition experts are dedicated to finding natural relief for common health issues, to solve problems naturally. They develop products that are affordable, non-invasive and free of side effects.


2. Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes we are, and we are very proud of the A rating we have. You can take a look at our profile on the BBB website.


3. How do I know CRI Naturals supplements are good quality?

All of CRI Naturals supplements are produced in American facilities that submit to 3rd party testing and follow strict compliance guidelines with the FDA and cGMP.

We believe that many health solutions can be provided by nature. Therefore, CRI Naturals scientists partner with leading health experts to produce groundbreaking, top quality products, for healthy natural lives, free of invasive treatments.

Our products are safe, fresh and always contain the exact ingredients printed on the label, nothing else.

Nevertheless, we always recommend you to check with your doctor in regards to trying any new supplements, diets or programs.


4. What if I don’t have the results I expected?

Science comes with a lot of power and responsibility. We are glad to be able to bring positive transformation to your health.

We are so confident that we offer 90 days for you to try our products.

If you don’t like our formula for any reason, or if you don’t notice the expected results within 90 days, we will give you a quick, hassle free, 100% refund. Just ship the remaining product and empty bottles back to us.


5. Can I talk to a live representative if I have questions or if I want to place an order?

Absolutely. Our trained and well-spoken customer representatives will be happy to help you 7 days a week, from 9 am to 11 pm E.S.T. : 1-888-694-0003

If you prefer a written answer, you can :

– fill out a form on our website : http://crinaturals.com/contact-us/.

– write us a letter and mail it to :

CRI Naturals

Customer Services

1600 Main Street #145
Venice, CA 90291


– email us : support@crinaturals.com


6. Do you have any auto-billing system?

No. We never use auto-bill. We want you to chose when to purchase a refill.


7. What methods of payment can I use?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Paypal and 2Checkout.


8. How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your order has shipped, usually within 24 hours.


9. How can I save money on my order?

Shipping is $5.95 for one bottle.

We offer free shipping on any order of 2 bottles or more.

You can mix and match all of CRI Naturals supplements.


10. Where is CRI Naturals located?

All our facilities are located in the U.S.A.

Our headquarters are in California, our warehouse is in Utah, to allow a faster delivery anywhere in the country.


11. Where can I buy CRI Naturals supplements?

You can find CRI Naturals supplements on our website : http://crinaturals.com/

We develop the best quality products for the most affordable price. Therefore, we have decided not to be present in stores. By saving on the retail fees, we can offer you the best price possible.


12. Why should I choose CRI Naturals supplements?

All of CRI Natural’s supplements are custom-formulated on years of research, they have gone through extended research and testing to offer you exceptional quality and results.

We look at data from labs around the world, including our own American in-house research facilities, we examine newly discovered fruits from distant jungles, and time-honored folk remedies, to analyze the scientific validity of these remedies and create a natural product easy to use.

We also offer the longest money-back guaranty: try CRI Naturals supplements up to 90 days, if you’re not satisfied, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.